Short Form in the Spotlight

Palermo, 18 – 19 September 2015

– Programme –

Short Form in the Spotlight is part of the Italian Doc Screenings Academy organized by the Italian Documentary Association Doc/it, also hosting the Match-Making of Documentary in Europe, the public pitching of ESoDoc’s 16 new documentary and transmedia projects, rough cut screenings, speed-dating and documentary screenings in a local cinema.

The event takes place in the idyllic Sicilian city of Palermo, a setting which gives us the perfect opportunity to focus on short documentaries in different countries around the Mediterranean. Together we’ll exchange ideas and build new bridges with guests from North and South.

Join us to network with filmmakers and business masterminds to find out:

  • Why is short form documentary so important for the Mediterranean region?
  • Which platforms are being used for short docs?
  • What funding opportunities are out there?
  • How can I profit from the internationally developing short form market?


Friday, September 18th

15:00 – 15:30
Welcome & Introduction

15:30 – 18:30
Possibilities of the Short Documentary Format and its Use on Different Platforms
Co-production, collaboration and short docs on different platforms both on and offline will be the hot topics of our first day. The session will open with film scholars Mirko Lino and Antonio Gentile presenting possibilities of online platforms in enhancing storytelling. Producer and artistic consultant Marta Andreu and ZoomIn TV editor Flore Deroose will discuss the short format as an experimental laboratory for new and innovative film forms. Filmmakers and collective founders Hala Galal and Mohamed Ali Atassi will tackle the benefits and setbacks of the short documentary format and its production through film cooperatives. The Egyptian people’s journalism collective Mosireen, the Egyptian film co-op Hassala, South African Steps as well as the Moroccan CinéCourt online platforms will be introduced by Viola Shafik, to be followed by Ghada El-Sherbiny tackling her experience in curating and exhibiting Arab shorts on and offline.

Mirko Lino & Antonio Gentile, Emerging Series Lab, Italy
A web native storytelling lab

Marta Andreu, Walden Project, Spain
“Short in Form”: exploring the formal possibilities of the short film format

Flore Deroose, ZoominTV, Netherlands
How to develop short documentaries for online platforms

Viola Shafik, Egypt
Shorts for political and social activism: Mosireen & Hassala collectives (Egypt), Steps /Afri Docs project (South Africa), Ciné Court (Morocco)

Mohammad Ali Atassi, BIDAYYAT, Lebanon
Online distribution of shorts in the aftermath of the Uprising

Ghada El-Sherbiny, Goethe Institute, Egypt
The Arab Shorts Film Festival on and offline: A project evaluation

Hala Galal, Egypt, Hassala Collective
Two decades of developing the short format in Egypt through film co-operatives in Cairo and Alexandria

 Saturday, September 19th

15:00 – 18:30

Training, Economy and Funding

The second day will tackle questions of training, economy and funding. Festival director Hicham Falah will offer insights into documentary filmmaking, non-commercial distribution and cultural exchange in his homeland. Media activist Sara Creta as well as Tunisian producer Habib Attia will touch upon their experiences developing and producing shorts and other formats through cross-Mediterranean cooperation. Outreach and facilitating effect of pan-Arab and European training programs will be tackled by Jad Abi Khalil and Micol Pancaldi. We will close with a discussion of the effect and prospects of different regional funding models (among others the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture AFAC) and the Sicilian Film Commission’s new short film.

Hicham Falah, FIDADOC, Morocco
The short documentary in the Moroccan film and festival landscape

Jad Abi-Khalil, Beirut DC, Lebanon
Training programs as facilitators? The case of docMED

Micol Pancaldi, COPEAM, Italy
The COPEAM training programmes

Sara Creta, Italy
Cross Media – Cross Mediterranean

Habib Attia, Tunisia
Experiences in developing and producing shorts and other formats through cross-Mediterranean cooperation

Hala Galal, Egypt, Hassala Collective
The challenges of creating funding and supporting opportunities on the grass roots level as well as in cooperation with the Euromed Audiovisual Program

Jad Abi-Khalil, Beirut DC, Lebanon
The Beirut DC funding guide and the absence of the short format in the Lebanese film landscape